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2nd Chance Junkies – Because We’re Dope!

Wichita Junk, Yard Waste & Trash Hauling Service

Whether you have a few limbs or a lot of lawn debris, 2nd Chance Lawn Care can provide you with fast and affordable yard waste and trash removal services.

Kansas weather keeps us busy. With the weather breaking limbs and the seasons changing, there is always a need for lawn and garden waste removal. We receive many calls after storms and for spring and fall cleanup.

We’re affordable and a fast way to transform your yard space.  At 2nd Chance Junk Removal Services, we have a variety of equipment and experienced crew ready to help you.

Wichita Trash & Junk We Can Remove

Here is a basic list of the kind of trash we can remove…

  • Appliances (like a fridge, TV, stove, etc..)
  • Furniture
  • Old Couches
  • Abandoned Cars
  • Leaves
  • General Trash
  • Roofing Debris
  • Tree Branches
  • Construction Cleanup
  • Scrap Metal

We remove non-hazardous materials fast and leave your property looking spotless..

Covering The Entire Wichita Metro Area

We are an independent, reliable and local businesses in Wichita. At 2nd Chance Lawn Care, our top priority is customer service, and we want to make sure you and your yard waste removal needs are taken care of.

Have Questions About Our Junk Removal Service? Call (316) 680-2710

We remove any kind of junk from yards in Wichita. We offer competitive, honest and fair rates with no hidden fees or surprise expenses after the fencing work is complete.

Each job is different, so contact us for a free in-person quote. You can text us a picture at (316) 680-2710 and we may be able to give a quote over the phone; if not, we’ll come check it out at no charge.