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Wichita Tree Trimming & Stump Removal Service

We are a local Wichita pruning, stump removal and tree trimming service near you. We handle branches, buds and roots; including deadwood removal, for small or large trees.

Types Of Tree Services We Provide

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Disposal
  • Shrub & Branch Removal
  • Trunk & Stump Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Fallen Tree Removal
  • Tree Root Removal
For costs and prices on tree trimming or stump removal it can vary depending on the size of the tree or stump and distance. You can text us a picture, which might help, to (316) 680-2710

What Are The Benefits Of Tree Trimming?

Our Tree Trimming service removes diseased, damaged, dead or unproductive pieces of plants and trees. By removing those parts of the plants and trees, we can…

  • Reduce the risk of falling branches
  • Increase the ability for more flowers and fruits to grow in the area
  • Direct the growth of the trees and plants

Even the direction in which you cut the branches makes a difference in the growth of the plant, and some plants and fruits or flowers require different styles of pruning and different levels of care. Some plants and trees don’t mix well with others.

New research helps explain why pruning encourages plants to thrive. … Professor Leyser, of the University of York’s Department of Biology, said: “It is well known that the main growing shoot of a plant can inhibit the growth of the shoots below – that’s why we prune to encourage growth of branches. – Science Daily

When Should The Trees In Wichita Be Trimmed & Pruned?

  • For Trees That Flower in Spring: Pruning should be done when flowers start to fade in the spring
  • For Trees That Flower in summer, they should be trimmed in winter or early spring

Have Questions About Tree Trimming & Pruning? Call (316) 680-2710

We trim and prune trees and plants in Wichita and the surrounding areas and offer competitive, honest and fair rates with no hidden fees or surprise expenses after the job is done. Each lawn or landscape is different, contact us for a free in-person quote.